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Auto Maintenance: Choosing One Repair Shop

One of the things I learned from my dad is that it pays to find a good auto repair shop and stick with it. True enough, I have tried using more than one shop, based on what I needed done to my car. Every time, I found myself going back to one shop that knew my car and the car's history. I had found that shop not too long ago. They had offered help with everything from rebuilding engines to dent repair. The shop is located near my home, and they keep records that went back for years. Thanks to the long history, they always knew what to do when something was not working as it should. If you think that finding one shop to meet all your needs is a good idea, let me help. With a little effort, you'll know exactly where to take your vehicle any time it needs some work.


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Auto Maintenance: Choosing One Repair Shop

How To Afford A Mercedes While In Your Youth

by Noelle Snyder

While on your first job or in your 20s, a nice, economy car may seem like it will be your only option. However, if you want to drive a car of the rich and famous, this is a great possibility that is well within your reach. Even as a young whippersnapper, you can afford a Mercedes while on the budget of a young 20-something person with just a few tweaks to your current situation.

If you want to know how to afford the best car in the parking lot while fresh out of school, read and employ some tips below:

Live at home or with roommates 

Cutting down your expenses as much as possible is the best way to become a prime loan candidate to most banks and financial institutions. By living with your parents or having a roommate to offset bills, you will have much more money to allocate towards your car payment. You will also have more money to take care of any Mercedes repair services that may be necessary.

Get a part-time gig

Though you may want to relax on your time off, having part time income available will also help your case to a loan company. Find a small odd job that you love as a hobby in order to make some extra money. If you can make an extra 100 dollars per week, you will be able to offset a 400 dollar car payment and not use any of your full-time salary.

Slash all bad credit

Many, many people all over the world make mistakes during their youth. Many of them are financial. If you have bad credit, you must get this taken care of before attempting to purchase a Mercedes. Call the collection companies and make a deal to pay off any of the old debts before getting a loan worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Find a certified pre-owned Mercedes

A certified pre-owned car that has undergone and inspection is an excellent choice to save some money on the cost of a vehicle. Go to a lot that offers certified pre-owned luxury vehicles to find the car of your choice. On a good lot, you will be able to find everything from a Mercedes SUV, sports car, or convertible available for purchase. Go pre-owned to pay off your luxury car purchase even sooner and start on your luxury savings account to match your lifestyle. 

If you have other questions, try contacting a company like Benchmark Motors Inc. with any questions you have.