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Auto Maintenance: Choosing One Repair Shop

One of the things I learned from my dad is that it pays to find a good auto repair shop and stick with it. True enough, I have tried using more than one shop, based on what I needed done to my car. Every time, I found myself going back to one shop that knew my car and the car's history. I had found that shop not too long ago. They had offered help with everything from rebuilding engines to dent repair. The shop is located near my home, and they keep records that went back for years. Thanks to the long history, they always knew what to do when something was not working as it should. If you think that finding one shop to meet all your needs is a good idea, let me help. With a little effort, you'll know exactly where to take your vehicle any time it needs some work.


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Auto Maintenance: Choosing One Repair Shop

Three Types Of Tow Hitches

by Noelle Snyder

When you choose a trailer, you need to think about how you will use it, and what sort of towing you will do. You have three basic types of hitches to choose from: 1) the standard ball hitch that mounts to your bumper, 2) a fifth-wheel hitch that mounts to the bed of your truck, 3) a gooseneck hitch that mounts to the bed of your truck and looks much the same as a fifth-wheel hitch. 

The Ball Hitch

A ball hitch mounts to the frame of your truck under your bumper. It is good for most light-duty loads. If you plan on pulling a boat or a car behind your vehicle, then the ball hitch is the way to go. It is the easiest to set up, and it will have the least impact on your vehicle. It is also the weakest. If you need to pull a large horse trailer or heavy equipment, then you will want to use a more heavy-duty type of hitch. 

The Gooseneck

A gooseneck trailer gets its name because of the way the tongue of the trailer extends over the bed of your truck. A post comes down from this tongue to the bed of your truck. The shape of the tongue somewhat mimics the shape of a goose's neck. The tongue of the trailer will extend over the tailgate of your truck and connect to a ball mounted in the middle of your bed. Because of how the trailer mounts to your truck, it creates a stronger connection and the position of the ball allows it be able to handle more weight.

A Fifth-Wheel Hitch

The strongest hitch you can get is a fifth-wheel hitch. It consists of a bracket that mounts to the bed of your truck. This bracket will have a groove in it that allows the hitch on your trailer to slide into it. Once the hitch is in place, you slide a king pin into position to lock the hitch in the receiver. This variation on the typical ball hitch design creates a strong connection that you can't get with any other type of hitch. 

Choosing a hitch is not as easy as going for the strongest one you can find. Instead, think carefully about the type of towing that you will do and then choose a hitch that is designed to meet your needs. In some cases, you may need to have two different hitches to allow you to pull different types of trailers.

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