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Auto Maintenance: Choosing One Repair Shop

One of the things I learned from my dad is that it pays to find a good auto repair shop and stick with it. True enough, I have tried using more than one shop, based on what I needed done to my car. Every time, I found myself going back to one shop that knew my car and the car's history. I had found that shop not too long ago. They had offered help with everything from rebuilding engines to dent repair. The shop is located near my home, and they keep records that went back for years. Thanks to the long history, they always knew what to do when something was not working as it should. If you think that finding one shop to meet all your needs is a good idea, let me help. With a little effort, you'll know exactly where to take your vehicle any time it needs some work.


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Auto Maintenance: Choosing One Repair Shop


Mistakes To Avoid When RVing With Your Dog

RVing with your canine companion should be a lot of fun, but it can be ruined if you make certain mistakes that compromise the comfort and health of both you and your pet.  Experienced RVers know that enjoyable RVing depends upon careful planning and researching. Put the time into avoiding the following five mistakes so that you can explore the country problem-free with your favorite four-legged friend.  Not making a list of your dog's supplies

Should You Try To Tow Your Car Out Of A Snowy Ditch?

Driving on snow, ice, or wet pavement can be challenging even for the seasoned driver—in fact, more than 1.2 million car crashes per year (or around 22 percent of all crashes) are weather-related. If you're one of the many Americans who finds your vehicle hurtling nose-first toward a snowbank during a blustery winter day, you may be wondering the safest (and least expensive) way to extricate yourself from this unpleasant situation. Read on to learn more about when it is possible for a Good Samaritan to tow your vehicle from a ditch using only a winch or chain, as well as a few situations in which professional towing services may be necessary.