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Auto Maintenance: Choosing One Repair Shop

One of the things I learned from my dad is that it pays to find a good auto repair shop and stick with it. True enough, I have tried using more than one shop, based on what I needed done to my car. Every time, I found myself going back to one shop that knew my car and the car's history. I had found that shop not too long ago. They had offered help with everything from rebuilding engines to dent repair. The shop is located near my home, and they keep records that went back for years. Thanks to the long history, they always knew what to do when something was not working as it should. If you think that finding one shop to meet all your needs is a good idea, let me help. With a little effort, you'll know exactly where to take your vehicle any time it needs some work.


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Auto Maintenance: Choosing One Repair Shop

    Three Types Of Tow Hitches

    When you choose a trailer, you need to think about how you will use it, and what sort of towing you will do. You have three basic types of hitches to choose from: 1) the standard ball hitch that mounts to your bumper, 2) a fifth-wheel hitch that mounts to the bed of your truck, 3) a gooseneck hitch that mounts to the bed of your truck and looks much the same as a fifth-wheel hitch.

    Why You Shouldn't Put Off Fixing a Chipped Windshield

    If you're putting off repairing a chipped windshield because you don't want to spend the money, you may be playing a risky game. Delaying the repairs could actually cost you more money if the chip develops cracks that spread across the glass. Here's a look at why you should call an auto glass repair service and get your windshield fixed without delay. Damage Will Probably Get Worse It's hard to predict how a chip in glass will progress.

    Car Tips: Help Avoid A Stall By Maintaining These 2 Compartments

    Your car may be reliable, but you should still prepare for the possibility of it breaking down from time to time. The following are 2 compartments that you should be aware of, as they are vital for proper operation. Having your auto specialist check these parts, along with your general check-up, may help you avoid being stranded. 1. The Fuel Pressure Regulator The fuel pressure regulator is a little device that usually sits on top of the driver's side of the engine, on the back wall.

    Everything You Need To Know About Car Fluids

    Car fluids are very crucial to the longevity and performance of a car. You may not know much about cars, but what everyone should know is the importance of car fluids and what they do for a car. The Different Types of Car Fluids Engine/Motor Oil:  This is perhaps the most important and easiest of all the fluids to check. You need engine oil to keep the engine running smoothly. Not keeping track of your oil level can actually destroy a car.

    Matching The Right Oil With Your Car

    When you take your car in for an oil change, you may be given a choice as to which oil to put into your car. There are several formulations, each with different characteristics for your driving habits and the type of car. Here are how these oils differ so you can make the best choice during your next oil change. What Oil Does for the Car All motor oils serve the same purpose in your car.

    3 Types Of Repairs That May Improve You Car's Resale Value

    If you are planning on putting your car up for sale, you will want to get the best value you possibly can for it. In order to avoid a potential buyer trying to haggle you down in price, you'll need to avoid having any reason that can devalue your car. These three types of repairs will improve your car's resale value. Electrical Tune-up Any potential buyer is going to want to take the car for a test drive, and the very first thing they will notice is how the car starts.

    Helpful Tips To Towing A Fifth Wheel Recreational Vehicle For Inexperienced RVers

    When you love to travel but also love the flexibility of having a place to lay your head that you can call your own, a fifth wheel RV is an obvious solution. Even though traveling with a fifth wheel trailer RV is meant to provide a smooth and stable ride, it can be a bit intimidating for a new RVer to hook up and take off without a little practice. Here are a few helpful helpful things that you should keep in mind when pulling fifth wheels with your truck.

    So, Your Car Broke Down and You've Called a Tow Truck—Now What?

    You are exposing yourself to a certain amount of risk when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle and start driving. Bad things happen all the time and can occur when you least expect it. This includes anything from a car accident to a flat tire. Towing services can help you get back on your feet. When you're stranded on the side of the road, here are five things that you need to do once you've called a towing service: